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Let's face it, the job market is tough these days!  That's why the federal government created the Work Opportunity Tax Credit - an incentive for businesses who hire the folks hardest hit by the economy.

When you hire an individual who falls within a WOTC target group, the federal government is willing to give you up to $2,400 to ease your tax burden. Unfortunately, securing this money is not that simple. There are looming deadlines to meet and you can lose this tax benefit if they are not. We have two solutions to serve your business!

Employers who need workers.

WOTC Solutions gives you the benefits of our nationwide labor pool. We get you the legal, qualified, tax-credit-eligible employee and do all of the work to get you your tax credit. Why hassle with open position advertising, multiple interview scheduling, and spend weeks getting one position filled? Our staffing solution allows you to interview multiple WOTC eligible candidates on the date and time of your choosing - avoid all the hassles of staffing and hire credit eligible candidates with our Candidate Interview Days. 

Employers who have hired WOTC-eligible workers.

WOTC Solutions will screen your new employee and verify their target group. After you provide us with a few small details, we can prepare your IRS forms in order to begin the certification process. After we submit your paperwork to the appropriate agency, we will begin our internal verification processes so we may guarantee the tax savings to your business.

We guarantee you the credit and do not invoice you until your credit has been earned, verified and calculated. 

What We Do

Certification Process


Pre-screening, form completion, and verification are all part of the package we offer at WOTC Solutions.

Our company speaks with SWAs and DWAs across the country to obtain the proper verification in order to obtain the certificate for your employee. At WOTC Solutions, a denial letter means we just need to dig deeper to find the proper information to verify your candidate.

Although the WOTC is a federal program, it is administered differently by all fifty states and the departments within each state. This requires constant communication with the WOTC Coordinator in each state to stay up to date with the constant changes and addendum.

You have a business to run, let us deal with the paperwork.

The WOTC Solutions Certification Department works for you, the employer, to ensure that you get every dollar of tax credits to which you are entitled. We guarantee our work so that you can have confidence your tax credit will be processed correctly. The WOTC Solutions Certification Department works  with state and federal agencies to get your certificate and ultimately your tax savings. 

The United States Department of Labor suggests that it takes the average person up to 25 hours to complete the entire certification process from start to finish. We've developed our processes to be efficient and effective in order to save you time. We  gather the details we need in order to manage the entire process in less than five minutes on the phone, or you can use our automated online form at your convenience.


You save time, and you get $2,400 per employee.
Simple. Easy. Guaranteed.