We have  WOTC-eligible employees available now

WOTC Solutions and The Next Step Inc. have been connecting labor with employers for years. Hiring from our WOTC worker pool can drastically lower your tax liability and labor costs. Call us today!

Hire A Hero!


In November 2011, President Obama extended the Veteran target group to include our veterans returning from war.  There are many patriotic reasons to hire America's veterans, but there are some really practical reasons as well. Our veterans stay on the job, are punctual, loyal and reliable, adaptable and can now lower your tax liablility with the addition of the WOTC benefit. WOTC Solutions has relationships with veteran's programs and agencies nationwide and can help your business to 'hire a hero' and save money doing it.


Schedule a Candidate Interview Day

Through our sister company, The Next Step, Inc., we have a large pool of WOTC-qualified employees. Each of our workers are:

Certified, legal US workers - no visas required.  
Available Immediately - no processing delays or hassles. 
No transportation or housing issues.
Pre-screened to meet your specific needs.
Drug screened and highly motivated to stay employed. 
Have a support system in place.​



WOTC-eligible workers stay on the job!


Lowering your tax bill is not the only reason to hire a WOTC eligible candidate. We know the hassles of hiring and staffing and how much time it can take your business, only to have a newly trained employee walk away from the job. Our data shows a 95.1% job retention rate at the end of 2011. This means that employees from the WOTC target groups are staying on the job long enough to earn their employers a significant tax break. 


How much money can you save when you hire WOTC-eligible labor? Use our Labor Calculator and enter your hourly starting wage to see how much you can save, per employee, per hour! 
Recruit Potential Students

As a company, WOTC Solutions is well organized and eager to work with you, making us a great partner in student recruitment.  We will:


Customize screening to meet your prosepctive student requirements.

Provide you with quialified leads to containing all the information you need to reach out to potential students.

Work with you to improve the quality of your requested leads.

Help match students with employers.


Our potential student candidates are highly motivated, may qualify for grants and financial aid, and are all eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit!