About Submitting Potentially WOTC-Eligible employees

NO obligation is incurred by submitting a potentially eligible employee to us.  

You cannot lose by taking these few minutes to save thousands of dollars.


What do I do now?   

Complete a simple form to provide WOTC Solutions with the information we need to create and complete your application paperwork and manage your Certification process. You will receive an email confirmation from our Certification Department of your submission.  If you are not sure if your employee is WOTC eligible, go ahead and complete the form. We will screen them for eligibility under the rules and regulations applicable, and advise you of the result when all the work is done. Remember, you incur no obligation by providing this information.  


When must I do it?   

Don't delay. This process is strictly time-limited -- you have just 28 days from the employee's Hire Date to have all the paperwork completed and submitted to your state's WOTC Coordinator's Office. [Email StephanieF@wotcsolutions.com with any questions.]


What does WOTC Solutions do?   

We prepare and submit all the forms and substantiating information required for your business to obtain the credit, as well as the detailed form required to claim the credit on your IRS returns.  We also handle the WOTC appellate process should there be an initial denial of the credit which happens with some frequency. The IRS allows you to claim the credit any time within the next 20 years.


What happens then?   

Upon our obtaining the Certification for the submitted employee, we will send you a cancelled copy of the Certificate issued by your state’s WOTC Coordinator to verify that you’ve earned it, and we will do the calculations necessary to value your deduction under the applicable IRS rules.  


Ok, what are the exact terms?   

There is no fee if you don't receive a credit.  If you do earn a credit, we will send you an invoice for our fee of 25% of the value of the credit (which we compute for you) that you’ll actually receive.  (This is reduced to 20% for employers who submit multiple employees.)

You can decide at the time we invoice you whether you want to obtain the credit or not.  If you elect not to claim the credit for any reason whatsoever,  just let us know by a call or reply email. We will immediately cancel the invoice and won’t invoice you further.  We will maintain the Certificate to allow you to claim it at any time within the next 20 years as authorized by the IRS.


The information you submit in this form is securely transmitted to us and is stored securely using state-of-the-art encryption tools. We take the security and confidentiality of our clients' information very seriously.


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If you’ve worked with us previously and we have your Power of Attorney on file, click “Submit Another Employee” and use the shorter form. (And if we haven't already discussed it, be sure to ask us how to ensure you never miss a WOTC-eligible employee again.)


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